In april 2023, a group of anonymous trauma survivors gathered
together to create art. Using a variety of materials and techniques,
each artist directed the emotions they have about their trauma at their canvas.
The result is a vibrant and explosive experience of catharsis.
At its heart, Constructive Destruction is a statement about the nature of living
with trauma and about art being for everyone, regardless of past experience.
This exhibit is an homage to the part of survivors’ brains that wants to scream,
“Stop hurting me!” and fight back.
This project gave us space to safely exist as ourselves and as
survivors, freely and without judgement.
For this project, I was responsible for all aspects of making it a reality. from fundraising, marketing, and contracts, to leading workshops and hanging the exhibit, i wore many different hats during constructive destruction. below is a sample of the works that were created by participants.

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